A Place For Baby to Sleep

The Cause

Every newborn baby has the right to the best possible care in those first critical months of the child’s development regardless of their parents social, economic, racial and financial situation. That care should include a safe place to sleep, the best medical attention available, access to good baby food, grooming, clean and warm clothing.

However, for a variety of reasons, too numerous to mention here, that best possible care is not always available in those early childhood days, weeks and months.

A baby playpen/bassinet will provide a convenient solution for sleep, care and play for newborns. ($107.00 from this grant). The Harmony Play & Go has a full-size bassinet and a full size playpen that provides a safe and comfortable environment. Assembly is easy and the mesh sides provide ventilation and a full view of the baby.

We will also include a hamper with new ($45 from this grant) and gently used items, : bedding and blankets, towels, sleepers and other baby clothing, diapers, baby oil, baby shampoo, creams for diaper rashes, new baby bottles and nipples, stuffed toys, feel good item for the mother and a story book. SSVP conferences will be asked to obtain donations of gently used and new baby items for the baby hamper. They will ask their parishioners or other groups in the parishes in the City of Edmonton; Catholic Women’s League, Knights of Columbus, schools, and other community groups to donate these items. (Picture of a SSVP hamper attached.)

In Canada, nearly 1 in 5 children lives below the poverty line. This leads to debilitating effects to the child for their personal, physical and mental health over a lifetime. They are more vulnerable to issues affecting mental health, educational opportunities, overall health development, mental development, housing needs, homelessness, relationship building, maintaining of relationships, employment issues, food insecurity and income inequity over their lifetime.

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul Edmonton Central Council (SSVP) is a social justice organization that has been serving the disadvantaged in the Capital Region of Alberta since 2000. We are part of a worldwide movement that currently operates in 155 countries with over 800,000 volunteers. We offer short term relief and a 'hand up' towards a better life. In Edmonton our organization runs exclusively on the energy and labour of over 700 volunteers and is supported financially by donations, and proceeds of periodic charity sales.

Who Will it Benefit?

The parents/parent of the newborn and the newborn will directly benefit from this project. Having a safe place to sleep and play will help the newborn develop and grow. The newborn hamper will reduce stress in the family giving them some financial relief.

Having their newborn safe in the bassinet/ playpen will give parents a more restful sleep and a more relaxing day.
This project will:
• honor the right that every newborn baby has to the best possible care in those first critical months of their development regardless of parents' social, economic, racial and financial situation.
• support parents to deliver proper care to their newborn children.
• Allow parents to re-allocate their financial resources to other needs in the family.

Field Law will benefit knowing that their assistance will help 67 families and their newborn work toward a brighter future.