Cost-Share Counselling Services

The Cause

A cost share counselling program will assist low income families and individuals who have been suffering from mental health concerns, to access counselling and therapeutic animal assisted services. Dreamcatcher partners with a group of mental health professionals to provide nature and animal assisted therapy programs through nature's serenity and the unconditional love of rescued animals.

Dreamcatcher is striving to help provide a unique and valuable service to the members of our community who cannot get the help they need. Often, the unconditional love of animals who have survived similar life challenges, along with the aid of a professional human helper, can assist these people to cross barriers that they so far have not been able to cross. As the cost of counselling services hinder much of the mental health community, this project strives to support such a vulnerable population with access to specialized services such as animal assisted therapy.

This therapy has been known to connect with the most resistant and hardest to reach populations. As a result of this effective collaboration, these individuals are able to become more positive, contributing members of society. By empowering these community members to be healthy, able, and thriving, this program is helping to alleviate the financial burden that the community may face through on-going social services that these individuals would require.

With many mental health issues plaguing our communities, traditional methods of therapy have been lagging in addressing these concerns. It is our primary goal to utilize natural forms of therapy, forms of therapy that have been utilized for centuries by our First Nations and other Indigenous cultures in order to heal our community.

Who Will it Benefit?

We will focus on serving children, youth, adults, and seniors who cannot afford psychological programs or access the help that they need. They may be homeless, have suffered from trauma, abuse, and neglect. Most importantly, even if they have attempted to get help elsewhere, it has not worked for them. The Dreamcatcher treatment team consists of psychologists, social workers, and rescued animals. Together they are renowned on a global scale for helping people who COULD NOT find healing elsewhere.