Growing Young Imaginations

The Cause

Who Will it Benefit?

Students from across the province will benefit from this program. Local authors (or those in the area) will make the trip to schools throughout their region and present to the students. As Alberta authors live in all communities, this means rural students as well as those living in the cities, will get the opportunity to participate.

Presentations/workshops are made at all age levels. Authors work with teachers to ensure the presentations are age-appropriate and often times curriculum-relevant as well. Authors use a variety of methods to ensure they keep the attention of the children as well as drive the students’ imaginations.

Teachers will also benefit as having writers in the classroom breathes life into their curriculum. It is a unique way to teach students as writers share their insights.

School boards benefit by having this incredible resource available to them at no charge. With the tight education budget, school boards struggle and this opportunity is a valuable one.

Parents benefit from the renewed vigour for the printed word that their children bring home with them.

Please note that \"community market\" is both southern and northern Alberta.