Lucy’s Journey

The Cause

Lucy was the first dog in Alberta and 2nd in Canada to be placed as a Victim Services dog within a Police based Victim Services Unit. Lucy has hit her sixth year of working in the Justice System, as she is coming closer to retirement but not yet there, we will transition her from Justice Dog to Community Dog until she reaches the time of full retirement.

At all stages throughout Lucy’s working career she has provided companionship to children, teens, adults, and seniors, in various settings. She has been able to stimulate sensitivity, good behaviors, participation, and relationship building among many other qualities.

Lucy’s Justice Journey greatest accomplishment is that she has been able to provide comfort and gain trust! She has helped open many dialogues with victims of sexual abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse; she has sat with many grieving children and adults.

Lucy lends a trusting ear, and a paw to have children quickly realize that they can tell her anything, they quickly realize that she does not judge … all she wants is to love them and for them to love her.
She has been in court and participated in many forensic interviews not only in our community but across Alberta. She no longer enjoys this aspect of her working life as she has taken on many children’s trauma to which is presenting on her.

Lucy’s Journey will take her on a new phase of her journey, she will transition to Camrose and Area community dog, though she already attends these places she will do so on a more scheduled basis, the kids and seniors will know that she will be coming she will attend schools, the women’s shelter, and senior’s centers on a scheduled basis, she will become a fixture in these places, she will participate in Reading with the kids, she will attend DARE class with a Police Member, She will attend various students groups such as the “Boys Group” for High School Boys with the SRO officer, and the Children's group within the women's shelter in the evenings. She will also be more available all of the Police Station tours!

We already know that involvement and interaction with animals changes attitudes, volatile or toxic environments, and many other aspects of personal health and safety along with cooperative learning from those that may be struggling.

We will have “mats” that will stay at the schools, centers, and shelters so they will know that she will be returning.

Who Will it Benefit?

When Lucy comes to visit there is a lot of excitement amongst her arrival, it doesn’t matter where it is she is visiting. Over the six years she has been working within the Victim Services world she has become quite sought after from the young and old for visits and to have her with them.
Lucy is currently the only dog that provides services for all of Camrose and Camrose County, but also extends to south to RedDeer, North to Grande Prairie and East to Provost.
While we will mainly focus on the City of Camrose and Camrose County we will always provide services to outlying areas if we can.
In the City of Camrose we have roughly 4500 students within seven elementary schools, one junior high, two high schools, and an outreach school. We have the University of Alberta Augustana Campus where Lucy will attend exam time; The University has approximately 2500 students. In the Camrose County we have five schools that have k-12 students which are approximately another 1800 students. Our women’s shelter can have up to 20 women with many children included.
We have a large senior’s population within various levels of care within the Bethany Group and Seasons Senior living.
On office days with Victim Services Lucy spends her time between Camrose Police Service and Camrose RCMP members and Civilian staff.