SoundOff 2016

The Cause

Music Calgary is a not-for-profit organization that provides advocacy, education, direction and resources to Calgary musicians and the Calgary music industry. Music Calgary exists to help foster Calgary’s vibrant music scene by furthering the development and exposure for Calgary and area artists nationally and internationally.
In keeping with this, Music Calgary produces and hosts a special initiative called SoundOff; a 2-day industry showcase and workshop panel event, which will do its third edition in 2016, hence our funding application.
The goal of SoundOff is to expose a diverse group of export ready talent from the Calgary to key representatives from the Canadian and International music industry. Music Calgary invites more than a dozen of these industry members to take in some of the most promising talent we have to offer, as well as mentor and share their knowledge.
There are three main components to SoundOff:
-Two showcases over a two-night period, featuring approximately ten artists. In past years the showcase has attracted an audience of more than 600 people.
-A meet and greet/reception on the opening night of the event, which brings delegates and local industry representatives together, creating a great networking opportunity.
-A two hour networking/speed dating event on Saturday afternoon allows each of the participating artists to sit down with delegates and discuss their music, career goals and fit with the delegate’s area of business/expertise.
-An afternoon panel discussion. In the past this discussion has included people such as Jeffrey Remedios (founder of Arts & Crafts), Evan Newman (director of Outside Music) & Shauna de Cartier (founder of Six Shooter Records).

Who Will it Benefit?

1) Calgary musicians – The musicians who play, SoundOff benefit from the opportunity to play for a large audience and key players in the music industry. The experience and confidence gained from playing for large crowds and from being in a situation where they are also playing for industry members is invaluable.
Aside from playing, these musicians meet people in the music industry who can mentor them. This occurs through our meet-and-greets and music panels.
In past years, many musicians of SoundOff have directly benefited from the event. For instance, Reuben & The Dark played the inaugural event in 2013 and because of that, were signed to indie label, Arts & Crafts.
2) Attendees and the general public – SoundOff events have been successful in terms of attendance. Door receipts for evening showcases have been strong, with both venues selling out.
As arts and culture continues to grow in Calgary, so does the enthusiasm from the public. Calgary, being a community focused city, really embraces its success stories and supports those who are on the verge. Knowing that this city is producing world-class talent helps instill a sense of pride within the community, which helps generate interest in Music Calgary as well as other arts initiatives. The greater exposure the artists in the city receive, the greater the city becomes.
3) Future artists/musicians – As the saying goes, “success breeds success”. We hope and believe that the success of current musicians in this city will benefit future musicians. As Calgary continues to become a cultural hotbed which produces top-level musical talent, it will motivate others to pursue their artistic ambitions. Whether that’s someone picking up an instrument and honing a new talent, or taking their talent to the next level. Knowing those before you have gained success is empowering.