2020 Osgoode Cup Scholarship

The Cause

We are seeking funding for the 2020 Osgoode Cup Scholarship provided by the University of Calgary Moot Court Society. The University of Calgary Moot Court Society is an Undergraduate Club on Campus aimed at providing a learning experiences for those interested in Law. The Moot court society hosts many events on the legal profession, law school and of course Mooting. The Scholarship sends 4 students to the 2021 Osgoode Cup in Toronto, the largest undergraduate mooting competition in Canada.

Who Will it Benefit?

This is an opportunity open to any undergraduate student who is a member of the Moot Court Society at U of C. The Scholarship and the Moot Court society provide a unique learning experience for students at U of C interested in pursuing a career in the legal Field. The Goal of the Club is to provide educational opportunities for students interested in improving their public speaking, advocacy and legal argumentation skills.