2024 Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope

The Cause

We seek funding from Field Law to support the 2024 Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope in Edmonton and Calgary. The Edmonton and Calgary Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope events are historically two of the most successful walks across Canada, with approximately 300 attendees in Edmonton and over 400 in Calgary at the 2023 events. In 2023, Albertans collectively raised over $205,000 for ovarian cancer, showcasing the passion and dedication our communities have for this cause. We request a Teal sponsorship of $5,000 per location, acknowledging the significant impact these events have on our community.

History of the Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope

Founded in 2002, the Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope is the largest and most powerful event of its kind in the country. It is the only walk in Canada to direct all attention and fundraising towards helping women with ovarian cancer live fuller, better and longer lives. It now takes place in over 30 communities from coast to coast, uniting Canadians from diverse backgrounds in the common goal of eradicating ovarian cancer.

Our Idea

Continued funding for 2024 Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope in Edmonton and Calgary to sustain the momentum in combatting this often overlooked and underfunded disease. With your support, we aim to:

1. Ensure Continued Growth: Field Law's sponsorship will facilitate the expansion of the Walk, reaching more participants and maximizing its influence.

2. Foster Community Engagement: Your involvement will inspire greater community participation, rallying individuals and organizations to join the fight against ovarian cancer.

3. Advance Ovarian Cancer Research: Your sponsorship will directly contribute to accelerating research, advancing treatment options, and enabling early detection methods.

4. Advocate for Change: With your backing, we can continue advocating for early detection, improved care options, and heightened awareness of ovarian cancer.

In conclusion, the history of the Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope underscores its remarkable impact on ovarian cancer research, awareness, and support in Canada. With Field Law's sponsorship, we can build on this legacy and work towards a future where ovarian cancer no longer claims the lives of countless women in our communities. Together, we can say, "enough is enough" and take action to halt this devastating disease.

Who Will it Benefit?

Here's how this sponsorship will benefit various groups:

1. People diagnosed with ovarian cancer: ensures that women battling ovarian cancer receive the support they need, including access to the best available care and treatment options. It provides a ray of hope to survivors and empowers them to share their stories and experiences, inspiring others to take action and seek early detection.

2. Medical Researchers: Ovarian cancer research in Canada is driven by the generous contributions of sponsors like Field Law. Researchers benefit from increased funding, allowing them to explore innovative treatment options, advance early detection methods, and make breakthrough discoveries that can ultimately save lives.

3. Community Organizations: Local organizations and community groups involved in the Walk of Hope benefit from Field Law's sponsorship by having the resources needed to organize and promote the event effectively. This, in turn, helps them engage with their communities and spread awareness about ovarian cancer.

4. Community Members and Participants: Field Law's sponsorship ensures that the Walk of Hope events in Edmonton and Calgary can attract a diverse range of participants, including survivors, supporters, and concerned community members.

5. General Public: The general public benefits from Field Law's sponsorship by being exposed to important information about ovarian cancer, its risks, and early detection.

6. Future Generations: Field Law's sponsorship contributes to the legacy of a future where ovarian cancer is no longer a deadly threat to women. By supporting research, awareness, and support services, this sponsorship helps create a safer and healthier world for future generations, where the impact of this devastating disease is significantly reduced.