5 Day-Recreation Leader Training Camp

The Cause

• Host a recreation leader training camp to provide measurable and ongoing impacts in rural and remote communities across the NWT.
• It is a 5-day camp that provides certification and experiences to build participants' confidence and competence in running high-quality recreation programming that is safe, inclusive, and purposeful.
• Gather and train leaders from the across NWT to provide recreation, sport, physical activity programming that is safe, purposeful, and high quality confidently and competently in their communities; increase ability for communities to be self-sufficient and develop youth leaders.
• Provide training and support in program planning and recreation leader certification.
• Improve understanding of physical literacy and benefits of physical activity;
• Provide support and funding to develop, run, and evaluate summer camps and programming that support culture, recreation, sports, and education;
• Help improve health outcomes for community members through quality programming.
• We offer instructor led courses like High Five (PHCD), Recreation for Mental Health, Fundamental Movement Skills, Program Planning, Swim to Survive, water safety, physical literacy, team and leadership building, and more.

Who Will it Benefit?

• Mackenzie Recreation Association communities (20 out of 33 communities in the Northwest Territories).
• 7 of our communities are remote and isolated with seasonal road access. Majority of the residents in our regions are Indigenous and participate in our program.
• It is geared towards anyone who works with youth as a summer camp leader, an educator, a coach, a recreation worker, or a wellness worker.