Alberta Safer Spaces

The Cause

Our idea is to develop and execute a train-the-trainer style program for grassroots initiatives supporting 2SLGBTQ+ communities across the province.

Our organization has worked for over a decade in serving 2SLGBTQ+ communities across rural Alberta, key amongst our services has been our evidence-based educational work. That work began as basic anti-homophobia workshops for students in junior and senior high schools, developed into comprehensive professional development, and then became community-wide trainings. We want to apply that proven ability to educate to community initiatives.

We will support initiatives in understanding how to reach and educate their communities, advocate for changes to make their community safer for 2SLGBTQ+ people, and develop their initiative into a stable organization with sustainable funding and effective governance. The idea would provide three workshops that would be offered without charge to grassroots initiatives with the purpose being supporting them with operational training that will aid them in their mission to affect positive change in their communities.

Who Will it Benefit?

2SLGBTQ+ Albertans are statistically more likely to report many negative life experiences. Self-harm, mental health issues, substance abuse, intimate partner violence, and social isolation are just some examples. The risk of these experiences increases if an individual lives in rural areas.

This idea would benefit Albertans who want to change that dynamic. It will provide support, guidance, and direction to community-driven initiatives that have direct impacts for 2SLGBTQ+ residents and their loved ones.