Backcountry Mental Health Retreats

The Cause

We run back country retreat program for people who struggle with their mental health. We strongly believe that the mountains, back country and nature has the power to heal our minds.

We would use the funds to 2 retreats (10 people per retreat) for 2 night/3 days.

I (Jackie, founder) a certified through the outdoor council of Canada as a guide. I take groups of people into the back country. We do different difficulty levels (beginner to advanced). We want people to challenge them physically and mentally, to see that they are capable of perseverance. Once we arrive to our camp site(could be tent, an OCC, or open sky camping) we do intentional work. We have a yoga instructor, we do meditations, and other workshops.

The funds cover all the fuel expenses, dehydrated meals, insurance coverage for the retreats. We are completely volunteer run so all the money goes into making these trips a great experience for the people joining.

Who Will it Benefit?

We welcome all people of all walks of life to join our retreats. Anyone who is struggling with their mental health is welcome. We also make sure to arrange different difficulty levels for our retreats so people of all experience and fitness levels can join.

We believe we are not in the position to judge anyone for their struggles, anyone who feels like this is something they could benefit from is welcome to join. We make them free because mental health care resources are expensive enough as is, so financial aspects are not turning people away.