Camp Wright – Fix It Up!

The Cause

Camp Wright is a recreational lease property, owned and operated by the Air Cadet League of Canada, Alberta Provincial Committee. The prime purpose of this lease is to support training of the Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadrons located in Alberta.

The development of Camp Wright began in 1968. The Camp was named Camp Wright after Dr. Edwin Wright the resident doctor for Athabasca and one of the founders of this training area.

Our facility is located on approximately 122 hectares of wilderness on Long Lake, AB. This Camp has been carefully planned to bring awareness of the natural environment and provide a training site for youth. The camp is in need of some upgrades and efficiency renovations, specifically a new well and sewer system; and upgrade to the mess hall to meet code and for efficiency.

Who Will it Benefit?

The main purpose of the Camp is to provide a survival/outdoor education facility for the Air Cadets in Alberta. We have 45 squadrons (units) and over 3500 Air Cadets in Alberta. We also offer the camp to the Sea and Army cadet units in northern Alberta. The camp is ideal for learning boatman-ship as it is situated right on Long Lake., and winter survival for the Army cadets as this is part of their training requirements.

Other users include Scouts groups, youth groups from the local area; school groups for their outdoor education programs; indigenous groups; church groups; junior forest wardens; and other military units who do winter training and diving training.

The camp has also been used by the local technical college to showcase different trades and technician training they offer. Students get an opportunity to come to the camp to work on various projects.

It is our intent to provide the camp to any organization that is wanting to offer outdoor education and training, especially to youth groups.