The Cause

As part of our 2015/16 season, Calgary Young People’s Theatre is announcing our commitment to providing Calgary youths the opportunity to get involved in theatre creation not just on stage but also at the ground level. We call this brand new commitment to professionally-mentored, but YOUTH-DRIVEN theatre the "Cannonball Program," and it includes two elements:

1.THE OUTPATIENT COLLECTIVE – Stand back Shakespeare, move aside Moliere! There are some new kids in town! The Outpatient Collective, a group of outstanding youth playwrights, will work with a professional mentor to collaboratively write CYPT’s Fall 2015, full-length Mainstage production! ATLANTIS, by The Outpatient Collective and directed by Kristin Eveleigh will be performed by youths under 17 from Dec. 3 – 13, 2015 at West Village Theatre.

2.THE CANNONBALL! FESTIVAL - A festival of youth-written, youth-directed, and youth-performed work. This festival will allow our young playwrights to create their own one-act plays, while allowing those of our youth who are interested in directing and designing the opportunity to stretch those creative muscles for the first time. Of course, we’ll provide professional mentorship, but this brand new opportunity is all about the kids. The first ever CANNONBALL! Festival of All-Youth Theatre will run May 4 – 7, 2016 at West Village Theatre.

This support from The Field Law Community Fund will be used to pay for the magic that the kids imagine, from sets, costumes, and props to the professional mentorship we offer to rental of the theatre itself!

Who Will it Benefit?

At CYPT, we have a blast telling stories... but some of the most powerful stories are the ones we can't share. These are the very personal stories of the young people age 4-17 from across the city who take part in our programs and are transformed by the experience. They’ve given us their trust, so while we can’t share these very personal stories with you, we can tell you this:

For many kids, CYPT is home.

We welcome kids with all dramatic passions, including actors, composers, designers, stage managers, directors, and now in Season 23, playwrights. We welcome kids from low-income families through our bursary program, so that finances are never an obstacle to pursuing passion. We welcome kids who are used to being called "weird," and we share with them a secret - weird is good! We welcome kids from schools without arts programs, and kids from schools where the arts programs just aren't professional enough for their high standards! We welcome kids with low self esteem, who learn all the amazing things they are capable of. We welcome kids who are gay, straight, bisexual, transgendered, and everything in between because our community is supportive and inclusive.

We've had our youth tell us they didn't know they could be who they wanted to be until they found a home with us. We've had kids tell us the only safe place they have in their lives is our rehearsal hall. Our program benefits the hundreds of kids who gain confidence, teamwork skills, social skills, creative skills, and friends in our rehearsal hall. These kids become leaders in their schools and pass along this passion, knowledge, and confidence to others as well as to their communities as they grow! Theatre builds outstanding citizens!