Inclusive Reading, Writing and Math Camps

The Cause

Accelerated Potential Academy instills confidence in children, who they are and all they can accomplish!

Internationally and locally our APA team provides teacher training and educational camps for vulnerable, impoverished children. Our primary goal is to quickly get under-privileged children reading and writing at grade level for successful integration into the regular school system. Education is a key to giving these children a positive hope for their future to rise above their current living conditions. What a privilege to witness the beautiful transformation education provides! Our vision is to now provide these transformational APA Reading, Writing and Math camps free of charge to at-risk, impoverished children and youth ages 4-14, in our city.

In addition, we create awareness of lack of education globally with our campers, which develop social responsibility and globally minded citizens, launching a brighter future for everyone.

We have all witnessed children struggling to get ahead academically, socially, and emotionally. Our Reading, Writing and Math Camps allow many children to come together to overcome academic and emotional roadblocks, to excel in their learning and have a blast doing it! With small groups and hourly gym breaks, we see tremendous results. A diagnostic–pre-screening assessment is completed for each child. Results are then used to ensure every child will receive the precise instruction needed to improve. Our teachers believe the best in each student and encourage them to flourish in their strengths while providing targeted instruction in areas needing growth, using well researched brain-based instructional methods increasing their IQ and their EQ (emotional intelligence). Follow-up after camp is provided to ensure the carry-over of effective strategies to increase success. Our desire is to cultivate the gifts, skills and abilities within each child that comes to APA. We believe that every child is uniquely gifted to succeed regardless of race, socio-economic status, past failures and family structure.

APA Camps offer much more than just learning; it’s hope for a better future! It’s our passion to breathe life into Reading, Writing and Math. Our Camps give children the leading edge in school and life! Experiencing academic success naturally overflows into greater mental, emotional and social competence, encouraging at-risk and impoverished children and youth to overcome challenges in their everyday life

Who Will it Benefit?

A group of impoverished, at-risk children ages 4-14 will have the opportunity to transform their life, future and their school success. Fifteen children and youth would be identified with the help of Medicine Hat schools and other community organizations’ for the best qualified candidates.