Kids Play Foundation

The Cause

Kids Play is a non-profit organization running with dedicated volunteers. The organization commenced in British Columbia, Canada in 2015 by a Police Officer at the Vancouver Police Department.

In 2020 Kids Play Foundation expanded to Calgary, Alberta and has since grown exponentially. Kids Play is working towards keeping kids away from the lifestyle of drugs, gangs, and violence.

Kids Play holds sports tournaments, conferences, and other projects for the youth community to learn about the opportunities they can seize within life.

The organization is operated by leaders from all across Canada who are wanting to bring a positive change to their community. The vision at Kids Play is to create young leaders within the community by getting them involved in sports and other recreational activities. Kids Play wants the youth to obtain opportunities that will allow them to excel in aspect of life.

Did you know within the last 15 years rate of violent crime among young people has increased by 30%? From gangland style killings stretching from throughout Canada including our own city, Calgary, Alberta. Canadian Cities are struggling with a wave of youth crime that was unimaginable a couple of decades ago.

Many experts attribute the spike in youth crime to the increased number of street gangs-often the perpetrators of youth crime. Research indicates that youth seek comfort from those who welcome them and reinforce their sense of belonging. Unfortunately, some youth have no choice to turn to street gangs in order to satisfy their need for approval, belonging and self-worth.

Although, there is limited evidence of a direct causal relationship between youth sport and youth crime reduction, there are several rationales as to why youth sport reduces youth crime:

• Keeps youth busy and out of trouble
• Meets a need that youth have for excitement
• Makes young people feel empowered
• Fosters teamwork
• providing no-cost extra curricular activities after school
• provide a sense of community and trust for youth to turn to for help
• Develops self esteem and confidence

As previously mentioned, these initiatives encourage and provide youth an opportunity to play in organized sports tournament, team building programs, informational sections, and presentations with the end goals being; building a bridge between youth and adults in a constructive manner and providing the youth an opportunity to learn and develop sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership skills at no cost.

Who Will it Benefit?

Kids Play organization is situated and successful in multiple cities and nations, all with one common goal; helping our children and families strive with no cost associated.

The main aim and focus is to help guide today's youth towards making positive and healthy life choices. Life choices away from drugs, gangs, and violence. Which are made possible through multiple hosted events with various sports, team building activities, informational sections, presentations, and extracurricular activities.

Thanks to the diverse group of volunteers who bring a wide range of skills, values, experiences, and talents. Our strong volunteer attributes and characteristics traits have made The Kids Play Foundation a fast growing organization, while helping a substantial number of kids and families towards a brighter future as We believe it takes a village to raise a child, we are that village.

Kids Play is and always will pay it forward to kids and families regardless of their financial situation(s). We strive to reach out to families that are unaware of what sports their child is interested in, what their kid(s) to engage in activates, and families that are unaware of where to turn to as their children are being attracted by the wrong crowd.

We are that community!

With that being said, Kids Play opens its arms and gives a warm welcome to kids of every race and gender from as young at 4 years of age up to 17 years old. After the age of 17, we welcome and encourage youth, teens, and adults to give back to their community through volunteering committees whether that be with The Kids Play Foundation or another organization of their interest.

Any child that participates through Kids Play will prosper in many ways, not only the child, but the child's family! That is our promise.