Operation Care on Call

The Cause

OUR CURRENT NURSE CALL BELL SYSTEM has served the needs of AVENS residents for many decades and has now become obsolete. The use of a nurse call bell system is designed to enhance and ensure patient safety and allows residents in our healthcare setting to alert staff remotely of their need of assistance.

THE NEED OF RAPID RESPONSE COMMUNICATION between resident and caregiver is now more important than ever. Better care through innovation are the hallmarks of a facilities' responsiveness to a changing needs base society. Addressing these safety needs with proper hardware and software solutions will help AVENS revolutionize the traditional use of nurse call systems in Senior Care.

YOUR HELP is needed to help raise support towards the purchase of a new nurse call bell system for AVENS campus, with the intention of future integration into the new AVENS Pavilion. Our budget for this fundraising campaign is $250,000, and we are launching the full fundraising platform shortly,

BE A PART of the initial launch to jumpstart Operation Care on Call

Who Will it Benefit?

AVENS currently needs to replace the outdated nurse call bell system to ensure resident safety and efficient staff response times.

• Goal 1 – Resident Safety – Most importantly this system replaces a tool and adds an element of wireless safety for our residents, resident families, and staff that allows everyone to feel safer on campus knowing that in the event of an emergency, we have the resources in place to be notified and respond efficiently.

• Goal 2 – Enhanced Communication between Residents & Staff – Allows for efficient resident-to-staff two-way communication; giving residents the confidence that care is only a push away. This system gives our Care team real-time prioritization response alerts and surrounding personnel locations for efficient response(s).

• Goal 3 – Peace of Mind – Provides assurance and peace of mind to our residents, our resident families, as well as our staff knowing we have a total safety solution on-site that supports our residents through effective technology that allows everyone to feel safe and connected. AVENS – A Community for Seniors (previously YACCS) was incorporated under the Societies Act in April of 1983 by a group of citizens to lobby government and establish programs and services for seniors.