Reading Pilots – Soaring for Success

The Cause

Canlearn believes that learning changes lives and has supported people with LD and ADHD for over 40 years. Reading Pilots, a recently developed program for students who struggle to read has been highly successful. It is a 10 week, 15 hour program for struggling readers. One-on-one instruction based on professional best practice has proven highly effective.. Each child’s program is based on their specific learning needs.
100% of our students’ parents report increased confidence in reading and improved performance at school. It is run on a cost recovery basis: fees are $1500/10 week (15 hours). Our next step is to provide access to the program regardless of families’ financial resources. Literacy must not be the privilege only of the wealthy!
Parent quotes:
We couldn’t be more thankful for the program. It felt like magic to see how my daughter transformed. She has been struggling with reading since the beginning and now she just reads! I have to remind myself how good she is now. Picked up a few grade levels within the 10 weeks. If feels like things are going to be better for her. Many thanks!

Reading pilots really helped my son build confidence and filled in some fundamental gaps in his phonetic and de-coding skills. His reading improved drastically! Thank you for working with him and providing him with some of the tools he was missing.

Who Will it Benefit?

Community: Research tells us that children who do not read at grade level by Grade 3 are at significant risk of dropping out of school before graduation. The data on drop outs’ at risk behavior, homelessness, teen pregnancies, job and food insecurity are frightening. A successful reading program contributes to the greater community by ensuring that all children have access to effective reading instruction, particularly those who struggle to learn to read. A brighter future for students contributes to a brighter future for their community.
Equality: Our idea is to make Reading Pilots accessible to all families who have a child struggling to read, regardless of financial status.
Education: Children who participate in Reading Pilots will have better chances at finishing high school and having access to post-secondary education.
Post-secondary Education: Our instructors are typically education or psychology students who are coached to use the most up-to-date ‘best practice’ teaching techniques. These are skills that they will take forward into their professional careers.