School Music Club

The Cause

Phoenix Foundation is making music education more of a priority in Alberta schools. This big idea is to take our current music program to the next level, "creating musicians", not just exposing students to music. Currently our full classes see our music teacher once per week to work on songs, mostly as a choir singing. This "Music Club" program will offer up 2 hours per week over 42 weeks, of music instruction to develop our musical students into musicians. This project will also add some sound proofing which gives us the option of recording and add instruments like ukuleles so an entire class can learn an instrument together. From the article " 20 Important Benefits of Music In Our Schools" ( studies have found students achieve higher test scores, develop language and reasoning skills, learn a mastery or memorization, recognize patterns, have better discipline, become more creative thinkers, develop self confidence, have balanced emotional development, value teamwork, learn responsible risk taking and SO MUCH more when they are learning music in their early years. Join us in supporting students to reach their full potential and stay engaged in school.

Who Will it Benefit?

This program will benefit not only our student population and their families, it will be accessible to our external community as a whole who will get the benefit of our performances from our students. Our music room will be better suited to recording that can benefit our entire community.