Share and Care Intergenerationally

The Cause

Linking Generations (LG) is a charitable organization whose purpose is to bring two different generations together so they can share their knowledge and life experiences and to encourage volunteering and social responsibility in youth.

VISION STATEMENT: Where seniors and youth build relationships that enrich their lives and enhance communities.
MISSION STATEMENT: Linking Generations creates connections between seniors and youth by nurturing friendships built through volunteering and structured mentorship.

Intergenerational programs have become more important than they have ever been in our 19-year history. Linking Generations continues to be dedicated to maintaining intergenerational programming and connections wherever possible. We know from experience that intergenerational programs build lasting friendships, keep youth and seniors connected, reduce isolation and depression, break down stereotypes, ageism, and racism, and help both youth and seniors to feel more optimistic about their futures.

As a result of several community requests, Linking Generations is PILOTING a NEW program initiative, titled “CARE AND SHARE”, whereas, young students in Grade K-4 will begin visiting bi-weekly with our most vulnerable seniors who are residing in long term care (LTC).

Our new pilot partnership is with Capital Care Strathcona and the complete elementary student body of Ecole Pere Kenneth Kearns Elementary School. Each visit, a complete class of students will visit with the seniors - spending time reading to the seniors, playing games with the seniors or simply sitting and visiting. By connecting our younger generation to our seniors, we are bridging the gap of what could be 80 years of age difference.

Who Will it Benefit?

As the aging population continues to rise rapidly, age segregation and isolation are on the increase. For seniors, intergenerational connections provide the opportunity to transfer knowledge and wisdom, acknowledge self worth, and continue to help seniors feel like they remain contributing members of society. In today’s world, many young people are experiencing less interaction with seniors because of homogeneous neighborhoods, dispersed extended families, and increasing segregation of seniors living in care facilities. It is important for today’s youth to develop relationships with the elderly, as these experiences can build self esteem and develop leadership skills.