Sherbrooke Community League Rink and Skating Lessons

The Cause

We are seeking funding to support outdoor rink operations this year, including an added skate instruction program for the community children and youth.

We have established two skating surfaces, one standard size ice and one smaller rink for the 'tikes' to skate without interference from those practicing or playing shinny (hockey).

To operate in a safe manner, we require staff to prepare and maintain the ice surface and operate the 'rink shack'.
Staff activities include checking individuals in, sanitization, cleaning bathrooms, first aid support, providing access to free use of skate equipment (skates, pads, sticks etc.).

Staff allow the rink to be open every day Mon-Fri 4-9PM, Sat-Sun and Holidays 12-9PM. For many children in the area this is their afterschool program in the winter.

We have developed internal resources for skate instruction allowing us to provide sponsored access to programing removing economic barriers to participation.

Who Will it Benefit?

Children, youth and adults in and around the Sherbrooke Community including the communities of Athlone, Calder, Dovercourt, Prince Charles, Woodcroft, Inglewood, Prince Rupert and Westmount.

Many residents have not or do not have the opportunity to learn to skate, or access winter recreation, due to socio-economic constraints. Our program ensures access and inclusion for all.