Shoes for Kids YQL Foundation

The Cause

Shoes for Kids YQL Foundation was created in 2021 with the objective of serving south west Alberta and surrounding Indigenous communities by providing low socio-economic and poverty barriered children and youth with new footwear. Our mission statement: Shoes for Kids YQL Foundation believes every child deserves to go back to school with a brand-new pair of runners.

We have already served over 230 students in the first month of school and we expect this number to continue to grow. Our team has now expanded to serve school boards throughout the whole year ensuring every child in need of a brand new pair of runners receives them.

Who Will it Benefit?

1. Children unable to walk to and from school due to the lack of financial ability of parents to buy shoes for their children;
2. Children and youth unable to attend, participate or engage in physical activity. This includes benefiting students to attend gym classes to extracurricular sports teams within both our school divisions and surrounding Indigenous communities;
3. Families living in poverty;
4. Kinship/Guardians who are taking care of children without the financial support from external services to assist in financially helping with daily necessities’; AND
5. Schools and Administration staff by ensuring children’s needs are met for the demands of indoor and outdoor shoes at school.