SML Active Lifestyle

The Cause

My idea is to promote Healthy lifestyles within our corporation at Samson Management ltd and the community of Maskwacis. We have 8 divisions within the corporation. There are 130 employees within the corporation. The company is involved in diversity of industries, including our corporate office, pharmaceutical, petroleum, automotive, in arts, fast food, agriculture and real estate. Within Maskwacis, we are a four band reservation, Louis Bull Cree Nation, Ermineskin Cree Nation, Samson Cree Nation and Montana Cree Nation.
We were promoting a positive outlook on life with healthy eating and exercise. I want to have the people of Maskwacis educated on health and wellness through fitness so that the lives are more active. We will begin with have an informational presentation at our local recreation center, The Howard Buffalo Memorial Center in Maskwacis. The Recreation center will be use for the weight room and classroom facilities.
All the employees will have a chance to take part in the presentation before beginning the workout. These informational sessions will include schedules, basic training and basic nutrient. An open membership will be given to participants for the local gym within Howard Buffalo Memorial Center and have a trainer at hand to assist throughout the duration of the time frame. To help keep our employees motivated, we will also be involved with community and nation running events, for example 5k foam run, 5k color me rad and mud hero. Also we will keep public updates on social media for spectators to view our progress.

Who Will it Benefit?

This will benefit all the employees of Samson Management ltd. and the community members in the four band Maskwacis.