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The Cause

Our idea is to PUT SOD on a soccer pitch (120 yards x 80 yards) that we are just starting to create by the youth centre in Fort Resolution, Northwest Territories.

It looks like this would be a two year project but we are hoping to complete the soccer pitch this year. We have an estimate for sod that we can pick up in Lacrete, Northern Alberta for around $22,000.00.

Fort Resolution is the oldest community in the Northwest Territories with a historic background on the Hudson Bay Company and the Roman Catholic Church. We have a population of around 586 according to stats Canada. Unemployment is very high in Fort Resolution as the main sources of employment for a few is only through ENR, GNWT in the summer, a few government positions and departments, Deninu School, Local governing authorities such the Deninu K’ue First Nation Band, Fort Resolution Metis Council, NWT Metis Nation, Fort Resolution Housing Authority, RCMP, the Hamlet Council and a few local businesses.

You see with so many families that don’t have a steady pay cheque and often would require assistance from welfare it does not allow us to charge too many user fees on a lot of programs. On a reverse issue it does not allow the families to have their children involved in a lot of things within the community and so we have a wish list with only a few programs that can be activated.

So this idea to put sod on a soccer pitch for our children to play soccer on it in Fort Resolution, NT would be awesome and we in Fort Resolution would forever love you for this program funding

Who Will it Benefit?

This funding program will benefit the children (if they can walk, then they can walk and run on this sod soccer pitch) teens, young adults and also people of all ages.

Soccer is a very popular sport in Fort Resolution. We have various sports scheduled as part of our recreation program at the school gymnasium and the kids would mostly show up for soccer. Our kids have participated in soccer tournaments outside of Fort Resolution such as the annual Ernie’s Rock Around the Clock Soccer Tournament in Grande Prairie in early April and also the annual Polar Cup Soccer Tournament that is being held in Edmonton on Boxing Day. There is also an annual Super Soccer Tournament held in May in Yellowknife for schools across the Northwest Territories and Nunavut where we used to attend this tournament. Over the last decade or so we have not participated in this tournament due to the enormous cost of transportation to Yellowknife since we have to fly.

It’s thaw out time for the ice road at Fort Providence or pretty close during that time. This has changed now since the bridge is in place at Fort Providence or pretty close during the time. This has changed now since the bridge at Fort Providence and we don’t have to wait for the break-up of the ice road. We really need a good outdoor soccer pitch with sod so that our kids could play on it during the summer. Currently the kids use the outfield at the ball diamond to play soccer when no on is playing baseball. They also try to use the parking lot at the Antoine Beaulieu Memorial Hall and wherever else that they could kick around the soccer ball.

If a better field is available we could have little leagues.