Start-up Entrepreneurs and Newcomers Tax Education

The Cause

Mrs. Li is the partner of Li Hua Professional Corporation. Through Mrs. Li's more than ten years public practice, she was educating lots of start-up entrepreneurs regarding the topic of separate legal entities between individual and corporation, dividends or salaries, year-end filing deadlines, payroll remittance obligations, etc. The repeating topics are necessary for business owners to understand when they initiate the business. Misunderstanding some of the concepts could lead to a detrimental effect on their business. Mrs. Li used to be a professor at Fudan University and Teaching Assistant at the University of Calgary, she always has a passion for being an educator that could give back to the community. As Mrs. Li is going to be semi-retire since June 2019, she has time to hold four seminars that would help start-up entrepreneurs and newcomers to understand the basic tax concept and tax rules in Canada.

Caroline Pan, CPA is a new partner of the firm. She came to Canada five years ago as a student. Now she completed the CPA program through assurance program and registering the firm as a CPA training office to help more students. She is also a CPA National Marking Centre Marker to contribute back to the professional organization. She understands that there is a huge need for NPO to educate the newcomers and start-up entrepreneurs for tax knowledge, so she is willing to assist Mrs. Li in holding the events.

Who Will it Benefit?

Newcomers of Canada and start-up entrepreneurs.