Taste of Edmonton Pay it Forward Ticket

The Cause

Taste of Edmonton is Canada's largest outdoor food festival. Every year we see the under privileged homeless people and numerous charitable associations like Bissel Elizabeth Fry E4C and iHuman to name a few who come to to us for donated tickets to recognize staff or participants in the program.

As a charitable non profit organization Events Edmonton does not have the full ability to satisfy all these ticket requests each year and we try very hard to be fair to all requests. Taste of Edmonton requires approximately 700 volunteers to put our event together and we work with 15 charitable and non profit groups who provided us with almost 10,000 hours of manpower to operate Taste of Edmonton. We in turn donate approximately $75,000 to these groups for the volunteer services they have provided and pride ourselves on being very community focused.
Our goal is to find other like minded business leaders in our community to provide some funding to broaden our ability to donate tickets to marginal groups.

Who Will it Benefit?

We see many organizations benefiting from this and could easily expand this giving to other groups in need.
Hope Mission
Bissel centre
Win House
Boy and Girls club
Big Brother and Sisters
Elizabeth Fry Society
There are many other groups we would look at as this program grows so we would not limit this to only these groups