The Next Chapter Program: No Cost Registration for Marginalized Families

The Cause

The Next Chapter Program is an eight-week program for parents going through divorce or separation. During the 8 weeks parents will explore their own grief & loss processing, build their communication capacities and learn from each other the ways in which they can find hope in the restructuring of their families. Through the lens of children’s developmental needs, parents will learn the ways in which they can best love and support their children through this transition. Along the way parents will rediscover their hidden strengths, unpack beliefs which no longer serve them and realize that they are not alone. The Next Chapter Program allows parents to process their own emotions related to their divorce or separation to help them go from feelings to action stage of the family restructuring.

Currently the program costs $99 for each participant. We would like to offer at no cost to qualified low income families to assist them through this emotional journey and an enhancement to their court process experience.

Who Will it Benefit?

Qualified low income parents going through divorce or separation in the Edmonton / Northern Alberta community. We have received various requests for financial assistance from marginalized communities. We have hard costs (material printing; facilitator salaries; rental of training rooms) which form the cost charged to participants. We would like to offer The Next Chapter Program to parents who do not have the financial resources to attend.