Wings of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation

The Cause

Wings of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation provides funding for programs that ease the financial burdens and promotes wellness for low-income people living with breast cancer in Calgary and area. Our program allows qualified applicants to receive financial reimbursement for basic living expenses like food, shelter, utilities and medication. For our clients we are a last resort, and on average the typical applicant seeking funding has less than $500 in their bank account. By easing the burden of financial stress, patients are able to focus on their health and journey to recovery.

Who Will it Benefit?

Those benefiting from the funding are low-income breast cancer patients (and their families) who are receiving, or have received, treatment at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary. These individual are directed to our charity by social workers at the Tom Baker and are encouraged to apply for funding. Funding is granted to qualified patients who meet specific criteria including having less than $500 in their bank account, and having had exhausted other means of support. Once granted access to our program, receipts are submitted for reimbursement including items like groceries, rent and utilities. Each client is entitled to be reimbursed for basic needs expenses up to $5,000 over a two year period. In many cases our clients do not exhaust the entire funding available to them. The support given to them is used to assist them through chemotherapy and radiation, and when healthy enough to begin working again, they do. Our client base is comprised largely of single parent mothers, immigrants, individuals without access to benefits from employers and those working hourly wages.