Bissell Centre Community Kitchen

Bissell Centre’s new Community Kitchen would not have been possible without the generous support from Field Law. The Kitchen opened in October 2018 and has since provided individuals who are experiencing homelessness and newly-housed program participants with the skills and confidence to make healthy and affordable meals.

Poverty affects every part of a person’s well-being-mentally, physically, and emotionally. The people who access our services are coming from food insecure households, and because of that are more likely to suffer emotional, mental, and physical health difficulties.

For many program participants, inter-generational trauma has prevented them from acquiring the kitchen skills they need in their lives. Even if they were taught those skills, they can forget those skills after experiencing homelessness for a period of time.

“There were things I wasn’t taught,” says participant Rocky. “So now I’m learning them and I can cook for people.”

Having the opportunity to gather together in the kitchen also gives people a boost to their social lives, which can be just as much of a benefit as the culinary skills they walk away with each week.

One of participant Barry’s favourite things about the community kitchen is getting to meet new people and to not be alone. Barry is also particularly excited about what he’s learning. “It’s teaching me how to cook for myself and how to follow a recipe,” Barry explains.

The Kitchen has been a big hit with our participants, and we cannot wait to see what else we can cook up together. Thank you, Field Law, for helping make this program a huge success!