Good Food 2 Go

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to Field Law for supporting our new “Good Food 2 Go” program at Jasper Place Wellness Centre.

COVID-19 impacted how we could deliver our regular food security programming, including community kitchens, affordable produce markets, youth cooking classes, and community gardens. With the support of generous funders like Field Law, our Food4Good division quickly adapted and continued providing access to nutritious food and skills development in a new way. Our Good Food 2 Go program offers low-cost food boxes & meal assembly kits for those with low income.

Multiple food box options are available for bi-weekly delivery and pickup. Volunteers help pack the orders and deliver them. Some of our most popular items have been the “Mixed Produce Box,” “Snack & Convenience Box,” “Pantry Essentials Box,” and “Grocery Staples Box.” We also offer meal assembly kits, which contain all ingredients needed to make a dish serving 6-8 people, along with the recipe and online instructional videos. Prices for all our items average 50-70% lower than the grocery store.

In the 4 months since its launch, Good Food 2 Go has provided 443 households with nutritious food and reached 1,535 people, 40% of which are children.

Fresh, healthy food is often out of the budget for many, especially during the challenges of the pandemic, so we are thrilled that community members have expressed that this program has a positive impact:

“The food box is absolutely amazing. I am very impressed with the quality. I live on AISH, and this makes a huge difference in my life.

“We so appreciate this program. This will be the first Christmas since our special needs 3-year-old was born that we were able to purchase our own turkey & food, rather than receiving a hamper from the Food Bank.”

“We got our first box today, and I’m so thankful and surprised by how great [it] is. Our budget has been very tight. COVID hit, and I couldn’t work. Savings are gone, credit card maxed on groceries alone over the months. The delivery this week will go far with meal prep. I was very concerned being a single mom, less than $2 in the bank, ridiculous debt, and I waited for a family gift to order from Food4Good, and I’m so glad I did.”

Increasing access to good food for all is so important for physical health, mental health, and the social wellbeing of our communities, and we deeply appreciate Field Law’s support in helping us achieve this goal.