12 Community Safety Initiative

The Cause

12 CSI is a one of a kind organization that won the 2018 Solicitor Generals Award for Community Collaboration. Our vision is that the Twelve Communities (District 4 of Calgary Police Services) are vibrant, inclusive and free of crime. Our Mission is a local crime prevention collaborative that will foster community action on the issue of crime prevention by providing support, facilitation and advocacy, thereby creating safer neighbourhoods for all who live, work and volunteer in the Twelve established and Alberta's most diverse communities. Our values, through the Planning Council, its Action Committees or its Task Teams, believes …
Community members have the right to feel safe in their community,
Every member of our diverse community has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.
A community working together is essential for crime prevention. Our action are programs the entire 12 communities can embrace. We produce a community newsletter to 30,000 homes in East Calgary to support safety and community involvement among residents. We organize community action walks in each community with CPS and Bylaw services along to educate residents on a variety of safety issues. We participate with all stakeholders including Police and community associations with the "Social Disorder Task Force" to work towards all parties working together to help make us all safer. We work with local University Planning Students on Community Safety Audits in our often overlooked established communities. University Practicum students work with us each year on a number of Youth initiatives, from Anti Bullying programs (3 years running) to summer sports camps and Youth grant writing seminars. We are also working with Alberta's most diverse communities on a large Anti Racism program, that will action organizations (like Community Associations) to develop their own inclusive and diverse policies and encourage change to become more diverse and reflective of the residents they serve. We have also developed a series of 4 traffic safety videos translated into 8 languages (a work in progress) and organized federal, civic and provincial election forums in our local ridings. Lastly, we plan to reintroduce our "Focus on Safety" education series that brings in experts to educate residents on how to be safer in their community.

Who Will it Benefit?

All residents (30,000 homes) of our 12 Communities along with Stakeholders like City of Calgary Wards 9 and 10 offices, civic social workers, Calgary Police Service, International Avenue BRZ businesses, Community Associations and area non profits all work together to make our 12 Communities safer, every day. These programs will directly impact them all and many of them collaborate with us daily to see these programs thrive. It is important to note an annual fundraiser managing parking lots for Global Fest is not happening in 2020 due to COVID which will affect our bottom line to the tune of $15,000.