A Book Made By and For Individuals With Down Syndrome

The Cause

Connect Up With Downs is a fun social learning centre celebrating five years in downtown Calgary supporting young adults with Down syndrome to become their very best selves.

We are an independently owned small business whose CEO created Connect Up With Downs with the help of family and friends who shared a common goal. Many of these individuals chose to ‘Pay it Forward’ by donating their time and/or resources to help be a part of something new; a much needed day program for the Down syndrome Community. We are grateful to have developed many meaningful relationships with Calgary area businesses, big and small, and we thank those whose generosity has helped us in some way make Connect Up With Downs what it is today.

Our life skills building day program is continually evolving to meet the needs of our program Members. The number of young people with intellectual disabilities we are able to help has increased as more people hear about our program and are able to access our services. As our membership grows we increase the opportunity to provide meaningful employment to some amazing individuals. Having a dedicated, patient and kind Team makes all the difference to the success of our avid learners.

Connect Up With Downs has big goals that will see us be of service to many more Calgarians who want to grow alongside us. We, one day, will have our own centrally located building, a well equipped centre that will suit all our growing needs. Owning our own space will allow us to grow and plant roots, and become contributing members in a new welcoming Calgary community.

Big goals are built on the achievements of many smaller goals. Each accomplished goal sees our vision one step closer. Our idea for the Field Law Grant is to bring awareness of our Down syndrome community to you through the art of reading and colouring. We wish to share the strengths and abilities individuals with Down syndrome have by creating a beautifully illustrated, easy to read book about people with Down syndrome that every reader can enjoy. A book that will be written that highlights the importance of continual learning and just how happy and confident individuals with learning disabilities are when they are given purpose and every opportunity to succeed.

Our beautifully illustrated book and bonus colouring pages will be enjoyed by all ages and skill levels and hopes to be a favourite in your collection as well.

Who Will it Benefit?

Everyone who loves to read and colour will benefit from purchasing our book and sharing our colouring pages with others.

100% of all proceeds will go back into Connect Up With Downs ‘BIG GOALS Fund’.

Our program Members at Connect Up With Downs will benefit by sharing their story ideas for the creation of the book and help inspire images for the colouring pages! Our very creative program Members will provide no shortage of inspiration.

From creation and development, to the ultimate sale proceeds of our book, all current and future learners at Connect Up With Downs, their families, their communities and all those that are fortunate to regularly interact with some really cool people will benefit!