A Paw-Some Experience at the Kitty Kingdom for Children and Youth

The Cause

MEOW Foundation for the Adoption of Abandoned Cats (“MEOW Foundation”) is a non-profit society incorporated in Alberta and registered as a charity with the Canada Revenue Agency. Founded in 2000, MEOW Foundation is a specialized cat-focused humane society designed to facilitate the adoption of stray and abandoned cats into new loving permanent homes.

After years of partnership and hundreds of MEOW cats adopted from the Regal Cat Cafe & Kitty Kingdom, MEOW Foundation purchased the Cafe & Kitty Kingdom. All proceeds from the food, drink and kitty visits support homeless, stray and abandoned Calgary cats.

We house six to twelve adoptable cats in our Kitty Kingdom each week, a separate room from our cafe. The space offers a loving and playful area for our cats and for guests to relax, cuddle, and play with our resident kitties.

We currently offer enrichment activities and experiential events in the Kitty Kingdom including, birthday parties and celebrations, book readings, and yoga. Our idea is to extend these offerings to disadvantaged, socially or economically impacted, low income, or otherwise challenged children and youth.

If granted funding through the Field Law Community Fund Program, we are happy to work with Field Law to identify organizations that support children and youth and would benefit from our activities and supports. Alternatively, MEOW Foundation & Regal Cat Cafe can leverage existing relationships and cultivate new ones and provide our activities.

Partner organizations may include:
* Calgary Catholic Immigration Society (CCIA) - a non-profit organization which provides settlement and integration services to all immigrants and refugees in Southern Alberta.
* Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter - supports individuals, families, and communities including men to live free from family violence and abuse.
* Children’s Cottage - works collaboratively to prevent harm and neglect to all children and build strong families through support services, respite programs, and crisis nurseries.

Our activities and events will support a range of goals and values for the above listed organizations including, promoting the healthy development of children, strengthening families and communities, and facilitating the integration of these families and children into the community.

Who Will it Benefit?

Our work, programs and activities transcend across society, all communities and groups. Our reach spans from childhood to older adults, across rural and urban centres, and all cultures and ethnicities.

Our efforts support social recovery and growth, including mental health and well-being, active citizenship and volunteerism, community inclusion, animal care and welfare, education, culture, and women/children & families.

If approved and funded, our programs will include 8-12 individuals each time, and up to 200-300 children and youth over the year of the program. Indirectly, the ongoing communication, discussion, marketing, outreach, and partnerships will touch many more people across our community.