A Place to Paint Together

The Cause

Every Thursday evening, participants can come together in my well-equipped art studio to unleash their creativity. I will provide all the necessary supplies, ensuring everyone can create their own masterpieces. As an experienced art teacher, I am prepared to guide and assist participants throughout the process. This project is not just about providing a studio and supplies; it is also an opportunity to share knowledge, with the goal of fostering a vibrant artistic community where everyone can thrive and express themselves.

Who Will it Benefit?

My art studio has the capacity to welcome up to 8 individuals at a time, ensuring an intimate and focused creative atmosphere. Each art piece will require 2 to 3 sessions to complete, allowing for the participation of various groups.

Throughout the year, my goal is to welcome between 80 and 100 participants, spanning a diverse range of backgrounds and ages, including teenagers and adults in Yellowknife. This project aims to benefit the entire community. The artwork crafted will be a personal source of pride and accomplishment for each participant, serving as a testament to their creativity.