AARCS Animal Hospital For Homeless Pets

The Cause

AARCS is a grass-roots animal welfare organization based in Calgary, Alberta with a foundation of compassion and kindness of its hardworking staff, volunteers, foster homes and supporters. As a result, thousands of homeless animals have been saved. There is no greater feeling in the world than to save a life and we hope you might join us by making a difference in the lives of homeless animals so that someday we may all witness a Compassionate World for All Animals.

Every day AARCS receive calls about animals in medical distress that need help - from broken bones, gunshot wounds, embedded porcupine quills, and mange to deadly diseases such as parvo. With thousands of animals in need each year and veterinary expenses being our largest expense we identified a critical need to expand operations to include a veterinary hospital designed specifically to help homeless pets. With a decrease in expected donations in 2016 due to hard economic times and veterinary care prices on the rise, we made a move to maintain stability and longevity of our programing so we can continue to help those in dire need. We estimate by having our own veterinary hospital we can reduce our medical costs by a 50%, with potential savings of FIVE million dollars over 10 years.

Having a veterinary hospital on-site will give us the ability to help the animals in most dire need of medical attention with an onsite veterinary surgical suite and ability to provide life-saving treatment. Approvals are in place from the licensing bodies and construction is almost complete. AARCS must now purchase the much-needed veterinary equipment to get the clinic fully operational and are determined to get the new shelter and animal hospital up and running in 2017.

“The project for a veterinary hospital is essential and will allow the organization to continue to help hundreds of animals, reducing animal homelessness and improving our community. The project will drastically reduce costs for the organization allowing them to have a bigger impact”
Dr. Audrey Remedios, S.Sc, DVM, DACVS

“I can testify that this organization has an excellent reputation for not only their dedication, but also the exceptional, but rational, standard of care.”
Chantal McMillan DVM, MVSc, DACVIM

Who Will it Benefit?

This strategic move will allow AARCS to expand the facility operations allowing them to help even more homeless animals in our community for years to come. Over 3,000 animals come through AARCS programs each and every year. By having a veterinary hospital on-site AARCS will be able to expand programs to help our community, reduce animal homeless and improve the lives of animals, by making our donor dollars go further. It will also provide valuable work experience for student veterinarians and technologists in our city.

AARCS Safe Haven has been and will continue to be a place where our community can come together to provide life-saving treatment for homeless animals, much needed programs for struggling pet owners, Animal Disaster Response and more.

AARCS provide a place where Albertans can learn, volunteer and enhance their skills in a field that is meaningful to them and for people to support reducing pet over-population. AARCS mission is Changing Lives Through Kindness and their volunteers, staff and supporters live by this motto every day. As a result, thousands of animals have been rescued and placed in loving adoptive homes.