Aboriginal Fathers Love Their Children Too! Documentary and Right and Resource Booklet

The Cause

The intent of “Aboriginal Fathers Love Their Children Too!” is to develop a Rights for Fathers and Resource booklet and documentary for Aboriginal fathers and grandfathers who are involved in the child welfare, criminal justice and corrections systems to identify gaps in knowledge and barriers to access in fully exercising their parental rights.

Creating Hope Society a non-profit charitable organization that recognizes that the 60’s and 70’s Child Welfare scoop is the continuation of the Residential School era. We believe that it is time to halt the cycle of Aboriginal Children being separated from their families and their communities.

Who Will it Benefit?

The scope of this project is to build awareness on the lack of program and resources for Aboriginal men. The project will not only serve Fathers and grandfathers, but they will have opportunities to meet with other men who are involved with the child welfare system and share resources for inclusion into the accompanying booklet. The society membership consists of 250 individuals and families for advocacy work; workshops, conferences and other programs participants consist of well over 1476 people on an annual basis. We have a large volunteer base of 150 who assist at a variety of events and activities. This project has potential for replication across Alberta as well as across Canada.