Accessible Trail in the Kensington Park

The Cause

Our current park was redeveloped in 1998 as a result of efforts of a Playground and Park Redevelopment Committee of the Kensington Community League. In fall of 2019 Kensington residents were asked to complete a survey to determine the needs and priorities for redeveloping our park. Residents responded they would like to see more pathways; specifically an accessible wide path. Working with City of Edmonton representatives, the committee was tasked with determining the location of a pathway. To the south of the playground the spacing between the mature trees allows for a natural pathway. In keeping with many expressing the desire for a nature themed park the path will have a granular surface. There will be a ground cover on either side of the trail to keep the area neat.
Space permits for a loop in the path where it is planned saskatoons and raspberries are to be planted. There is going to be some trimming of trees and shrubs in the south west part of the park to improve sightlines.

Who Will it Benefit?

Currently we have a young visitor to our park who is confined to a wheel chair; she is unable to join her siblings to play in the park two blocks from their home. With the introduction of the accessible trail in the park she would be able to have more interaction with her siblings. Aging community residents also have accessibility issues, as do residents of the communities surrounding Kensington. The proposed width of the trail allows for multi use of the trail by mothers with strollers, young children on bicycles and people walking for gentle exercise. Community residents from young to old will benefit.