Activity Boxes

The Cause

2020 marks the first summer since 1993 that we have not run any in-person programs. DiscoverE prides itself on providing high-impact, fun and exciting in-person programming. Since we weren't able to provide that this summer we decided to pivot, and we thought we would try something a bit different.
After surveying parents and guardians, doing market research, and working with our teams within the Faculty of Engineering, we are so excited to share our brand-new Activity Boxes.

We found that many kids and families were feeling a bit burnt out from all of the online meetings, classes and videos. We thought this would be an excellent time to take things offline. We are still going to provide more mentor videos and online activities for free, but moving forward many of them will be tied to our Activity Boxes.

Our boxes, as with our regular programming, are STEM based and allow children to learn new concepts and perform exciting experiments at home as they work through their Activity Booklet in each box. There are three activities in each box. We have tailored the boxes to what interests your child most. The Activity Boxes are separated based on grade level. We have boxes for children in Grades 1-9.

A portion of every activity box sale goes towards our bursary activity boxes, allowing all families to engage with fun and exciting STEM activities. We want all children and youth to be able to enjoy this at-home, hands-on experience. We reserve 25% of our boxes as bursary boxes.

Who Will it Benefit?

Youth in Edmonton and area, we are also shipping to anywhere in Canada. We have a great community relationship with folks in Yellowknife, so we hope they will order boxes as well. This will reach 3600 youth.