Adopt A Royal – Red Deer Royals Concert and Marching Show Band

The Cause

The project we are specifically requesting funds for is the Adopt-A-Royal Program. It is a program designed to maintain a fair and equitable fee structure for youth age 12-21, wishing to join and maintain membership in the Red Deer Royals Marching Band. There are individual situations where the financial burden of fees, uniforms, camps and tours can be substantial. It is important to the Society that membership be available to all demographics of the community. Therefore, funds received for Adopt-A-Royal Fund are used to help those members who may have trouble meeting the financial requirements to belong to the band. Financial support provided by organizations like the Field Law Community Fund will enable the Red Deer Royals Concert and Marching Show Band to continue to provide transformative, life changing experiences for youth through musical performance as individuals and as part of the unique experience that is Marching Show Band.

Who Will it Benefit?

Currently, there are 85 members in the Red Deer Royals Concert and Marching Show Band. It varies from year to year how many require financial assistance. For the 2018-2019 year, we provided full funding to 2 members, partial funding (ie: camp fees) to an additional 10 members, attire such as travel jackets and shoes to 8 members. We also provided funding for three members to go to Ireland and England for our 2019 50th Anniversary Tour. Each member of the Red Deer Royals Concert and Marching Show Band has an impact on the entire Band. So even though funding directly impacts a few children and their families, their membership has a huge impact on the Band as well as our community. The Band provides a sense of belonging, positivity and cultural enrichment for each and every member. The Band also is considered an "institution" in our local community. They represent our city, our province and our country in local parades, provincial exhibitions and international competitions.