Adopt a Royal

The Cause

The Board of the Red Deer Community Band Society endeavors to maintain a fair and equitable fee structure. There are individual situations where the financial burden of fees,
uniforms, camps and tours can be substantial.  The Adopt a Royal is a confidential program designed to bring the ability to perform music to all youth who wish to participate. When a Royal is accepted, they can apply for the assistance with fees that may cause the activity to be out of reach for them.
On average, this program assists 4-5 students per year. The coming year, the Adopt a Royal Program will be needed more than ever. The yearly cost per student is $1315. This includes the Band Camps in September and in July. The fees also include all marching camps, transportation to parades, instrument and uniform rental, clinics and instruction. The students meet once a week for 3 hours and every 2nd Saturday starting in January for marching and parade camps. The impact of COVID on our group is extensive. The Red Deer Royals will be struggling to rebuild the band next season as we worry that the first year members will not return. There will be no school visits to recruit new members to grow the band as we have done for years.
We are hoping the band will resume rehearsals in the fall, but we are afraid it will leave the band with less members performing for future events. We also worry about the parents and guardians of the members. The impact of the job losses are easy to see, and for members to return, some will need assistance while their parents and guardians rebuild. This is will be more important this coming year, we don't wish to see anyone left out due to circumstances that are beyond their control. Some of the students rely on the friendships that were and are formed within the band.

Who Will it Benefit?

The amount requested will help 4 underprivileged students participate in The Red Deer Royals at full scholarship. Or, it will help many others be able to participate by providing needed funds for uniforms, shoes, camp fees or other expenses that each band member needs.