Adulting with FrogskinU

The Cause

Young people today are under big pressure. Think about it. Everyone knows that making mistakes is part of growing up. Yet in today’s world—where money is invisible and spending intangible—quick and all-to-easy decisions, flying faster than the speed of light, can mean big consequences costing thousands.

The demand for building financial capabilities is clear. Research shows that families are unprepared for our present or our future. Young people are locking themselves into high credit for things like an auto loan before understanding their true cost. They’re using credit cards and cash stores to service their debt, not understanding the consequences. They’re surrounded by a hyper-credit world with unrealistic expectations of how to achieve a sustainable standard of living.

So how did we get into this mess with debt? Simply put—We’ve stopped passing down relevant financial capabilities from one generation to the next. Parents from all socio-economic levels can’t keep up to ‘the money talk’ at home. Traditional Curriculum developers and Educators can’t keep up. In a time when we’re bombarded with content, both real and misinformed, consumer education isn’t keeping up or getting through. As younger audiences are early adopters, they’re being targeted for consumer schemes and scams. Today, keeping up with the latest and greatest means that we lose touch with our money.

FrogskinU has the solution. Through gamified programs, youth experience how to engage with money. Our pilot testing shows the financial understanding of tweens and teens increase from 3% to 76% after 4 lessons. Our results are tangible. Imagine having your kid ask to deposit their birthday money into an RESP instead of blowing it on the latest and greatest. We see this all the time. Imagine the impact in their lives, making interest work for them rather than against them.

With generous support from Field Law, FrogskinU can extend our reach to older teens and young adults with our proven programming. Field Law will be further supporting FrogskinU to leap into the digital world, enabling youth through enriched video/animated delivery, from the classroom to their smartphones.

Who Will it Benefit?

FrogskinU has grown to be a recognized leader in building financial capabilities in youth. Since 2010, through middle-school school classes and workshops, we’ve been sharing the good, bad, and ugly of the swamp. Parents, educators and over 12,000 tweens and teens have given us eight suction pads up! They’re learning, retaining and applying valuable lessons.

We’re committed to youth growing up to be money smart and consumer savvy. That’s a powerful combination. We put speed bumps in the decision-making process of an instantaneous consumer driven world. For every student that starts saving, for every family that works better with their money—that’s growing change in small and momentous ways.

We’re now ready to leap ahead in age and stage. With your investment, older students will learn to paddle through our simulated seas of schemes, scams, fraud and more. They’ll immerse in a new world of learning, wading deep into the murky, mucky money swamp—reinforcing the basics and tackling the new realities for teens and young adults to become money smart and consumer savvy.

Connecting to their families, our students will discover what it takes to succeed with money, how it works, how to hang onto it, and get it growing. They will experience the risks and rewards in real time. We’ll help them keep money in their pockets. They’ll be empowered to save and invest. We’ll teach them how to put speed bumps in the decision-making process of their instantaneous consumer driven world. Through experiential simulations, we’ll let them make money mistakes that will inoculate them to the real world.

Through our in-class facilitated programs, we’ll build scripts and insights to enhance imbedded video facilitation with plug-and-play functionality. The result—Enabling a self-guided class experience and access to more educators and communities. Our technology development will produce digital development of our popular gamified experiences to grow our reach.

Let’s face it, while youth may value money, most haven’t been equipped with the understanding and tools on how to manage it and make it grow. Why do parents, students and teachers all love FrogskinU? Because the programs are active, relatable and relevant. Because they experience the real cost—in real time—of impulse spending and how to compound interest. Because they become empowered with their money. Because FrogskinU is the fun way to learn serious stuff about money.