Alberta Guide Dog “Puppy Scholarships” for Schools

The Cause

The idea is to purchase Puppy Scholarship packages for 20 different schools in the Calgary Area. Puppy Scholarship packages include a welcome letter from the sponsored pup, a framed photo of the puppy and regular personalized \'pup-dates\' with an updated photo as the puppy grows up. Through this package children can learn about the time and effort that goes into breeding, raising and training a Guide Dog, as well as the benefits they offer to people who are blind or visually impaired. Children learn about their senses and empathy towards people who are not like them. In additional to this, the school would be visited by Alberta Guide Dogs with a puppy-in-training for a one-hour school program to augment their experience.

Who Will it Benefit?

The beneficiaries of this program would be students in 20 different classes in 20 different schools in Calgary and, vicariously, their friends and family in the community. Classes from Grade 1 - 3 would be prioritized and the schools would be picked at random.