Alberta Midwifery Choice Awareness Campaign

The Cause

As the professional body representing midwives and midwifery practice in the province, the association is keen to put in place a provincial public campaign that focuses on midwifery care and services to all the general public and other health professionals from August 2018 to August 2019.
The AAM is asking for $14,000 to rollout our Alberta Midwifery Choice Campaign.

This campaign will focus on information sessions in both regions of the province; south and north and will provide context to the public about midwifery care and what that looks like as well as providing a continued education component to other health professionals about midwifery care.

These sessions will be hosted by the Alberta Association of Midwives but will be presented by midwives within the communities for better community engagement.

Our ultimate goal is to expand the public's knowledge about midwives, who they are, what they do and how they can help their families and communities they live in.

Who Will it Benefit?

This program will benefit the general public and educate them about their choices with maternal care. Midwives assist with over 5% of births in the province and are primary health care professionals when it comes to maternal care.

Midwives care for individuals with low-risk pregnancies and are publicly funded by Alberta Health Services so this service comes at no cost to the individuals needing care that are covered by Alberta Health.

Who will benefit from this campaign: EVERYONE
- Mother, women, men, girls, babies, families of all sex and gender classifications.
- Other health care professionals and students
- Midwives will also gain knowledge and an understanding of the public's needs, wants and questions after each and every session to better help the association understand and gain insight to further midwifery care communication programs and outreach within the province.