Alberta’s First International Mixed Netball Tournament in 2023

The Cause

We are a sports group that is dedicated to growing the commonwealth sport of netball in as many communities as possible in Alberta, Canada and North America. We have connections with the Alberta Netball Association (which is a not-for-profit association with similar goals) for their technical support. Our group are looking to expand the sport by running an International netball tournament here in Calgary, Alberta in July 2023, open to all skill levels, all abilities, all people across the world will be welcome to play in Alberta. We currently participate in various netball leagues and trainings to get our members stronger and fitter to play the sport. We would like to invite netball clubs from all over the world to come to Calgary and play top level netball, so that our members and community have an avenue to aspire to, to follow or be a part of. We lack that level of netball in Alberta, and so many other sports thrive when a top level tournament is introduced to a region that needs more exposure to the sport. We cater to youth and adults.

We are using sport as a platform to empower youth for peaceful and strong futures, while helping to reduce childhood obesity, breaking down barriers to reduce discrimination and increasing social-emotional learning. Our netball community have youth and adult members, and we cater to all genders, however, predominantly 99% of the community are women and girls, we want to encourage all genders to play. Netball helps us address issues of inequality in sport especially for those in low socio-economic areas and opening doors to those who currently do not play sports. Alberta Panthers are committed to making wellness and fitness more accessible and inclusive of all communities.

Who Will it Benefit?

This would benefit our netball community, players, umpires, coaches and officials. Anyone willing to try a new sport or wanting to participate in our open netball community. Our youth development players coming up through the ranks. Our larger Calgary and Alberta community will get exposure to a growing sport and get to see and experience netball at an elite level. This is a huge benefit to the champions in our community working towards similar goals of growth and development of netball in Alberta.