Allendale Community League Beach Volleyball / Hockey Rink Revitalization

The Cause

We are looking to help revitalize the Allendale Community League Hockey Rink. At this time, I am a resident of the Allendale Community as well as part owner of ASPIRE Volleyball - a local, female led volleyball training company. Since 2010, we have been running beach and indoor volleyball camps around the city and our focus with this grant would be for the beach program within Allendale. We would like to revitalize the current hockey rink into a sand volleyball court as the current use is basically nothing at this time. My hope is that it would draw more users to the area as has been seen with communities like Lendrum and Malmo Plains. This neighborhood is a beautiful community that is beginning to see the new uptake of younger families, professionals mixed with an older demographic as well and it’s proximity to the University, Downtown etc, make it so valuable but also prone to a lot of the homeless population as well as crime. I want to be able to explore this win-win opportunity in the area to provide even more use in the summer to community members. It would be amazing to see groups of friends gathering to play sports and get active and use the current amenities as they are now and the sand volleyball court would be a great start.

Who Will it Benefit?

The community of Allendale is young and upcoming with a ton of young families, students and older people. As a volleyball player myself, I already wander over to the Lendrum Community to access their amenities so this would be open to everyone for the summer. The current hockey rink is not utilized at all in the summer so this would at least open up opportunity for more people to come and spend a day and have some fun!