AMPed (AAFS Media Production education & development

The Cause

AMPed is a production group comprised of 10 members (ages 15 to 20) of the Autism Aspergers Friendship Society (AAFS). Our members come from all quadrants of the City of Calgary and communities North (Red Deer), South (Okotoks), East (Chestermere), West (Canmore). The primary objective of AMPed is to provide participants the tools & skills needed to create meaningful & professional video productions. Ranging from commercial (educational videos, seminars, speeches) to creative (commercials, social media videos, etc.), these projects will allow our participants to learn workplace and interpersonal skills while at the same time provide vocational and employment stability. The outcomes for this program will vary depending on the individual. At its simplest, members will be provided with volunteer like positions which will introduce them to expectations of the work world, dealing with members of the community, building relationships with peers and developing social skills necessary for success on the job. At its optimum, the program will introduce participants to the film/media community and will prepare them for employment in the industry.

Who Will it Benefit?

Three groups will benefit through this program. First – participants will develop employment skills, create a platform for advocating for employment of the ASD community and build personal & professional relationships. Second – clients/employers will be able hire people dedicated to producing high quality videos, partnerships/mentoring opportunities will be developed. Third – the fear families have for the child’s future will be alleviated.