Anti-Racism Education

The Cause

The Canadian Cultural Mosaic Foundation (CCMF), a dynamic nonprofit run by dedicated Millennials and Gen Z volunteers, is launching a groundbreaking initiative—a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) designed to foster anti-racism awareness and understanding across Canada. With a history of impactful advocacy work and a deep commitment to improving race relations, CCMF recognizes the need for accessible and comprehensive anti-racism education. This 6-week free online course, created in collaboration with over 50 volunteers, subject matter experts, knowledge keepers, Elders, and cultural ambassadors, aims to equip Canadians with the knowledge and tools to develop an anti-racist lens in their daily lives and work.

Module Breakdown:

Module 1: Developing an Anti-Racist Lens through Framework
This foundational module establishes a common language with over 100 relevant concepts and real-life Canadian examples. Participants gain an essential understanding of racism and anti-racism within a Canadian context.

Module 2: Canada's History Regarding Race and Racism
This module delves into the historical roots of race and racism in Canada, emphasizing how these issues are deeply ingrained in our societal systems. It explores the histories of racial communities, including Indigenous Peoples, Black Canadians, East Asians, and newer immigrants.

Module 3: Original Peoples of This Land
Participants gain insights into the lives of Indigenous Peoples in what is now Canada, learning about the enduring impacts of colonialism. This module aims to dispel misconceptions and address ongoing exploitation.

Module 4: Anti-Blackness in Canada
This module examines the deep-seated history of anti-Black racism within Canada, challenging misconceptions that suggest Canada is free from such issues by presenting recent, vivid examples.

Module 5: Psychology Behind Racism and Trauma
This module explores the psychological impacts of racism on individuals and their mental health, with a trauma-informed lens—an aspect often overlooked in traditional diversity and inclusion training.

Module 6: Creating Systemic Changes
The final module empowers learners to apply the knowledge gained throughout the course to their personal lives and workplaces. It demonstrates how racism manifests in various environments and provides guidance on effecting systemic changes.

Who Will it Benefit?

CCMF's free MOOC on anti-racism is designed to benefit a diverse range of individuals, organizations, and communities across Canada:

1. Individuals:
Everyday Albertans and Canadians can deepen their understanding of racism and anti-racism, equipping them with tools to address racism in daily life.
Students can enhance their social awareness and critical thinking, complementing classroom learning.
Professionals, including educators, healthcare workers, law enforcement, and social workers, gain skills to address racial disparities.
(although the knowledge will be Canada-wide, our focus to push this will be towards southern Albertans through marketing tactics)

2. Organizations:
Businesses can provide anti-racism training, fostering inclusive workplaces and promoting diversity.
Nonprofits and Community Groups can empower members to advocate for marginalized communities and tackle disparities.
Educational Institutions can incorporate the MOOC into curricula, fostering inclusive environments.
Government Agencies can train public servants to be culturally competent and responsive to diverse communities.

3. Communities:
Ethnic and Cultural Communities gain insights into racism's context and effective combat strategies.
Indigenous Peoples benefit from a focus on their unique experiences, contributing to reconciliation.
Marginalized Groups, such as Black Canadians and LGBTQ+ individuals, find support for equity and anti-discrimination efforts.
Community Leaders can enhance advocacy skills, empowering their communities.

4. Society:
Promotes racial harmony, reducing discrimination and enhancing social cohesion.
Empowers informed citizens to advocate for equity-focused policies and systemic change.

In essence, CCMF's MOOC promotes understanding and systemic change, benefiting individuals, organizations, and the broader Canadian society by fostering equity, diversity, and social justice.