Art and Music Lessons for Isolated Seniors

The Cause

Free art and music classes and performances for isolated seniors living in low-income housing, supportive living and long-term care facilities.

We hire artists and musicians to perform and host art classes at different senior housing facilities in Calgary and surrounding area. Each session costs $150 and is typically 1.5-2 hours. For music we have been able to hire some great musicians ranging from jazz, country, pop, and contemporary selections.

Many senior residences do not have the budget to hire artists or musicians to provide learning and entertainment to their residents. Our charity has been successful in acquiring grants through the federal government to fund this initiative. Unfortunately, the funding program has been closed due to pandemic priorities however the demand and positive impact this program had on the physical and mental well being of a population that was severely isolated during the pandemic continues to grow.

Who Will it Benefit?

We will be benefiting not only the elderly residents many of whom are low income and severely isolated, but also their families and the staff at these facilities benefit as well. We encourage residents to invite their families and friends to attend the art classes or performances to build community, decrease isolation and to provide creative stimulation for their mental health. It has been found that many seniors have been battling PTSD and depression and anxiety due to the isolation caused by the pandemic that has left a long-term impact on many of our elderly population. By bringing arts programing to the seniors straight to the place that they live we will not only foster a sense of creativity and bonding, but also help to provide hope and happiness to the seniors. We have been running this program for over 3 years and have had much success.