Aspire Training Academy Workshops!

The Cause

Aspire Workshops!

Aspire Training Academy is a non-profit serving clients who require guidance, mentorship, and a high quality adult education experience to master their personal lives, develop strong literacy skills, and acquire the digital skills demanded in a 21st century workplace. Aspire offers all our programming free of charge to our clients, many of whom frequently face social issues like homelessness, addictions, depression, trauma, low-literacy, incomplete education, abuse, poverty, and racism.

Last year, Aspire gratefully accepted the third place award from the Field Law Community Fund in the NWT and utilized the winnings to develop and run 2 workshops for 20 students. Workshops helped the students learn how to set-up, navigate, and collaborate using Microsoft Teams and integrated Office Software. This workshop was instrumental in giving our students the critical skills required to attend our flagship online program and has enabled 20 people to more confidently navigate video conferencing and MS office software in a post-COVID world. We intend to run 1 more workshop before the end of the year.

For 2023, Aspire would like to run 6 additional workshops. This will include:
1. Stress Management
2. Time Management
3. Word Processing
4. PowerPoint
5. Excel
6. Communication

By offering a hybrid model of an in-person workspace, as well as a live broadcast for other communities, Aspire will be able to serve 20+ students with each workshop. Aspire would like to deliver the in-person workshops to the following communities: Behchoko, Whati, Yellowknife. At the conclusion of each workshop students will walk away feeling more confident in their abilities and with concrete proof of their achievement in the form of an Aspire certificate of completion. Our educators are top quality, composed of a certified northern teacher and an award winning University lecturer. The Aspire team in the very short span of 1 year has amassed an incredible number of success stories with many students finding their passions and motivations in our program. We've watched our students join college programs and find employment that they enjoy and feel confident to manage. Funding from Field Law would mean that success will continue to grow and trickle out to the most vulnerable in our society.

Who Will it Benefit?

Aspire serves the most vulnerable and at-risk members of our society. Our clients are adults who are unemployed or underemployed and often have many dependents to provide for. Our clients, unfortunately, often deal with very serious social issues such as homelessness, addictions, depression, trauma, low-literacy, incomplete education, abuse, poverty, and racism. Every student that we have taught thus far has been impacted in no small way by the residential school system and require a high degree of coaching, mentoring, and safe places to discuss their human experience. Our program gives students a place to explore, learn, understand, and heal together.

By providing these workshops, we enable so many parents, siblings, aunties, uncles, children, and cousins, to make serious impacts on their households and communities by implementing the skills and motivations that they find at Aspire. The jumping off feeling that our clients feel often propel them to post-secondary studies, securing employment, or continuing their education with further training & personal development. At Aspire, we believe the power to change the world and our communities starts by educating individuals, empowering them to lead by example, and grasp the reality of their potential to raise the tides for everyone they connect with.