Aspire Workshops for At-Risk Individuals

The Cause

Aspire Training Academy is a non-profit organization serving at-risk individuals across the NWT. Our programming is uniquely focused on education to improve the lives of individuals in our communities. We are dedicated to creating a world where every individual has the opportunity, ability, and confidence to unlock their full potential, escape damaging cycles, and ultimately change their story for the better. Our mission is to offer programming that bolsters the character of each student, equips them with effective / in-demand skills, and unlocks their full potential. We challenge and support our clients to always reach a little higher.

To make a meaningful difference to the people we serve, we have compiled three goals: improve literacy levels, improve workplace skills, and build character defining principles.

These goals, once achieved, will change our clients’ lives in several noteworthy ways.

1. Increased regional literacy levels
2. Increased employment rate + income
3. Decreased rate of homelessness
4. Increased representation of women in the workforce
5. Greater ability of clients to navigate healthcare & government systems
6. Greater ability of clients to engage children in healthy ways
7. Greater sense of independence and confidence among clients

In line with this mission, vision, and set of goals, we propose a series of 2 day intensive and easily accessible skill-based training sessions in Yellowknife. These sessions would be open to all but will target at-risk individuals who are seeking to gain employment, expand skills, and ultimately improve their current circumstances.

Each workshop will cover one of the following topics:

1. Computer Literacy
2. Resume Writing
3. Interview Skills
4. Effective Communication
5. Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
6. Financial Literacy
7. Leadership & Decision Making
8. Time Management

Students will be engaged in training sessions over a weekend where they will engage with new concepts, collaborate with peers, and develop skills that will enable them to seek and access employment opportunities in the community.
These programs are tailored to the complex needs of our clients and will be delivered by our team of experienced educators – Carol Pinto and Jamie Lavers. Carol holds a Master of Business Administration while Jamie holds a Bachelor of Education and is a licensed teacher. Both of our instructors have experience teaching and working with the youth and adults of the north.

Who Will it Benefit?

The Client: This program is intended to benefit at-risk individuals in our communities. The workshops will specifically target young and mature adults alike who are either unemployed, underemployed, or new immigrants. The goal of the workshops is to help these clients develop skills which enable them to attain suitable employment and improve their overall standard of living.

The Families: The families of our clients are indirect beneficiaries of this initiative. As household income and education levels rise, children and spouses fare far better in terms of health, education, and overall life success.

Employers: NWT employers will benefit greatly from the increased level of competence among clients and will be exposed to a new section of labor supply that meets the various needs of local business initiatives.