Assignment Saving Lives

The Cause

The Assignment Saving Lives bursary program, funded entirely by philanthropic donors, invites students to help recruit the next generation of blood donors as a crucial part of Canada’s Lifeline. It’s an opportunity for students over the age of 17 in Alberta to raise awareness for blood donation and encourage their peers to become blood donors. Active participants will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, project management experience, and a chance to win a bursary of up to $1,250 for their post-secondary education studies – all while meaningfully impacting lives of patients in their community and across the country.

To be entered into a draw for a bursary or prize, a participant – any student over the age of 17 who is enrolled in a Canadian post-secondary education program – needs to recruit a minimum of fifteen (15) unique blood donors to Canadian Blood Services between April 1 – June 30.

This incredible pay-it-forward initiative – which relies solely on philanthropic dollars – has adapted to a more digital era.

Our goal for 2022 is to increase the value of these bursaries to $2,500 for the grand prize and $1,500 for the second prize, annually in each participating province – Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Therefore, a gift from the Field Law Community Fund would allow the Canadian Blood Services to increase the value of the bursaries for Alberta-based students over the next five (5) years, which in turn would have a greater impact in the lives of these incredible future leaders.

Who Will it Benefit?

Any student in the prairie region (Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan) – regardless of their race, sexual orientation, geographic location, or financial means – can participate and benefit from this program.

Even more importantly, any Canadian in need of blood or blood products – which includes workplace/vehicle accidents, patients undergoing cancer treatments, rare blood disorders….the list goes on – will have access to products and services when and where they need them. Canadian Blood Services plays a key role in our health-care system, and with the help from generous donors in the community, we are here for patients today and in the future.

Each blood donation can save or improve the lives of up to three (3) people. Therefore, if 100 students in Alberta each recruited the minimum number of donors – fifteen (15) people – that would be 1,500 new blood donors who, even if they only donated once, would impact up to 4,500 lives. If each of them donated twice, that would be up to 9,000 lives, and so on.

We invite Field Law to support Alberta-based students in this pay-it-forward, youth development initiative. This program is win-win-win for the future of all Canadians.