Atlantic Salmon Fly International Event

The Cause

Atlantic Salmon Fly International (ASFI) - Calgary Planning Committee 2024 is excited to announce that Calgary has been selected to host the 2024 ASFI Conference on September 13 - 15, 2024. This world class international event will be held at the Best Western Calgary Plaza Hotel and will draw hundreds of visitors from across Canada and internationally.

ASFI is a worldwide organization dedicated to fly tying the prestigious Atlantic Salmon Fly. Over 80 of the best Atlantic salmon fly tyers in the world will demonstrate their skills and share their knowledge on tying and fishing these storied patterns. A focus on youth fly tyers is being incorporated into the program.

We are seeking sponsorship for the featured banquet dinner on Saturday September 14, 2024.

Who Will it Benefit?

The people who will benefit from this event are the attenders of the event who will be coming from all over the world. It will also benefit the youth tiers who will be showcasing their skills throughout the event as well. It will further benefit the volunteer board as it will help them meet the overall budget for this event.